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Free Bible stories in many languages and formats are here for you to enjoy. 
This site is made possible through the valuable contribution of many volunteers.
Many more languages will be added.






Free Comic Bible Stories
Freeware Bible Stories
Shareware Bible Stories
(not to be sold)

View Bible Stories online
or download first.
Adobe Reader for your operating system is required.

Story files average 250Kb.

You may also print the stories in any size/format. (not to be sold)

Free PDA Bible Stories
Free Palm Bible Stories
Free Pocket PC Bible Stories
Free Windows CE Stories
(not to be sold)
Minimum screen resolution 320x320
Set for 256 colors (smaller file)
and Shrink to fit screen width

Free Cell Phone Bible Stories*
(*Nokia with Symbian OS only)

Download stories first, then synchronize with your PDA through Adobe Reader for your PDA.
Story files average 250Kb.

Print Free Coloring Books of Bible Stories in black and white
(not to be sold)

Print directly or download stories first. 
Choose your own page size when you print.

Print Free Tracts of Bible Stories in color or gray scale
(not to be sold)

Print directly or download stories first. 
Requires 8.5"x14" paper, and print on both sides.
Fold each page into 3 panels, then cut in half to make 2 tracts.



BFC Policy:  We provide all Bible Story files on our web site free of charge. They are not to be sold.  We will work with, and support free of charge, ministries which want to print the stories to give away freely.

License: You have the right to copy, print or distribute each Bible Story, as long as you do not sell it.













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